Who We Are


iiSBE Canada is an independent, non-profit group committed to advancing the sustainable building agenda within Canada and internationally. We are affiliated with the International Initiative for a Sustainable Built (iiSBE), an international non-profit organization that facilitates and promotes the adoption of policies, methods and tools to accelerate the movement towards a global sustainable built environment.


Membership in iiSBE Canada is by invitation. Drawn from a mix of private and public organizations from across Canada, iiSBE Canada members serve as individual volunteers and not as representatives of their respective organizations or employers.

iiSBE Canada members have the following backgrounds:

  • Design professionals who are among the leaders in Canada in producing buildings with high levels of energy and environmental performance.
  • Consultants with specialized expertise in sustainable building design, construction, operation and rating systems.
  • Members of public agencies and utilities with building-focused energy and/or environmental initiatives.
  • Academics involved in sustainable building education and research.
  • Green building product suppliers.

Click here for a list of our current members.

Committees and Assessment Teams

The activities of iiSBE Canada and its members occur through these committees:

Nominating Committee - Recommends and solicits persons who have an interest in joining the iiSBE Canada team and bring the requisite expertise and experience.

Project Solicitation and Technical Committee - Establishes and implements the process to solicit applications from recent green building projects from owners/developers and/or design teams to represent Canada in the Sustainable Building Challenge. This committee also defines the process for selecting featured and poster projects and reviewing sustainability assessments and embodied energy calculations for the featured projects. Although final selection of projects is done by the entire iiSBE Canada team, this committee can make recommendations.

Fund Raising Committee - Seeks financial support from private and public sector to support iiSBE Canada and its participation in the Sustainable Building Challenge.

Assessment Teams - Teams are formed for each project that iiSBE Canada selects to be featured at the Sustainable Building Challenge to represent Canada. These teams assess and evaluate each project using SBTool and other evaluation protocols to determine projected energy use and other key indicators of environmental performance.

Conference Committee - Manages the details of iiSBE Canada’s Canadian Team participation and presence at the Sustainable Building Challenge. This includes liaison with the conference organizers, selecting and confirming the exhibit space, assembling information from proponents and assessment teams for primary projects, and from proponents for poster projects, ensuring funders are recognized, and coordinating the efforts of Team members with exhibit responsibility, including the assembly and dismantling of the exhibit.

Technology Transfer Committee - Using the knowledge gained from projects from Canada and other countries assessed for the Sustainable Building Challenge, this committee develops presentations that iiSBE Canada members use to share insights about building performance with a wide range of audiences in their respective regions.

iiSBE Canada Featured Pro... Manitoba Hydro’s head office in Downtown Winnipeg, one of two projects presented by iiSBE Canada at the 2008 Su...