What We Do

Our Objectives

iiSBE Canada’s primary activity is participating in the Sustainable Building Challenge, a process that selects a broad range of high-performance green buildings from around the world, assessed by the proponents and then presented with key performance indicators and at World Sustainable Building Conferences.

iiSBE Canada participation in the Sustainable Building Challenge has these objectives:

  1. Contribute to and learn from the development of an international methodology and tool to assess the energy and environmental performance of buildings.
  2. Showcase leading examples and achievements of Canadian sustainable building projects to an international audience.
  3. Compare and discuss ‘state-of-the-art’ and key sustainable building trends in Canada with other jurisdictions.
  4. Promote the ‘greening’ of Canada’s buildings industry by transferring the knowledge gained from participating in the Sustainable Building Challenge process to all sectors of the industry.

Representing Canada Internationally

In addition to the Sustainable Building Challenge, iiSBE Canada also provides a valuable connection to the global sustainable building community. This is accomplished by liaising with the International Initiative for a Sustainable Built Environment (iiSBE) and its Secretariat based in Ottawa, Canada.

iiSBE Canada Featured Pro... Manitoba Hydro’s head office in Downtown Winnipeg, one of two projects presented by iiSBE Canada at the 2008 Su...