SB Challenge

The World Sustainable Building Conference Series

The World Sustainable Building (SB) conference series, established in 2000, is the preeminent international series of events on sustainable building and construction.

The series is organized on a tri-annual basis, with year one used for planning, year two for several national events and year three for a world event. These events, which collectively attract attracts thousands of delegates from around the globe, provides the opportunity for the world’s leading technical experts and researchers to advance their knowledge by focusing on technical developments and case studies.

The SB conference series features an emphasis on peer-reviewed papers, presentations of regional policy papers and displays of assessed projects. These events also provide fast-track inclusion of the best technical papers from regional conferences into the global event, as well as registration policies designed to encourage the attendance of students and delegates from developing countries.

In recent SB conferences, the presentation of assessed projects, operated by iiSBE and known as the Sustainable Building Challenge, is open to a wide variety of assessment methods.


SB14 is the next global event in the SB conference series held from October 28-30, 2014 in Barcelona, Spain.

To learn about iiSBE Canada’s participation in this event, along with a list of projects presented and related posters, please click here.


SB11 was held in October 2011 in Helsinki, Finland. A list of projects presented at the event along with related videos, papers and key performance indicators are available at this link.

Click here to learn about the Canadian sustainable building projects presented by iiSBE Canada’s at SB11.


SB08, held in Melbourne, Australia attracted participants from sixty countries who showcased projects to 2,059 delegates.

Click here to learn about the Canadian sustainable building projects presented by iiSBE Canada’s at SB08.

iiSBE Canada Featured Pro... Manitoba Hydro’s head office in Downtown Winnipeg, one of two projects presented by iiSBE Canada at the 2008 Su...