Featured Projects

The following projects were selected by iiSBE Canada for full assessments and presentation at the 2008 Sustainable Building Challenge:

  1. Manitoba Hydro Head Office (Winnipeg, Manitoba)
  2. Gulf Islands Operations Centre (Sydney, British Columbia)
  3. Minto Roehampton (Toronto, Ontario)

Poster Projects

The following projects were presented as posters at SB08:

  1. South False Creek 2010 Olympic Athlete’s Village (Vancouver, British Columbia)
  2. Kwantlen University College Building (Vancouver, British Columbia)
  3. St. Gabriel’s Parish Church (Toronto, Ontario)

Conference Report

Click here for the Canadian SB08 Team’s full report about its 2008 Sustainable Building Challenge activities and the 2008 World Sustainable Building Conference. held in Melbourne, Australia.

iiSBE Canada Featured Pro... Manitoba Hydro’s head office in Downtown Winnipeg, one of two projects presented by iiSBE Canada at the 2008 Su...