iiSBE Canada Featured Project Receives LEED Platinum Certification

May 24, 2012 at 8:53 a.m.

Manitoba Hydro’s head office in Downtown Winnipeg, one of two projects presented by iiSBE Canada at the 2008 Sustainable Building Challenge in Melbourne, Australia, has been awarded a Platinum certification by the Green Building Council of Canada.

Compared to conventional office towers, Manitoba Hydro Place achieves reductions in energy use of over 70 per cent - from over 300 kW.h per square metre to under 85 kW.h per square metre. These savings were achieved through a integrated design process and energy efficient passive and active systems. These include south-facing winter gardens to capture the maximum amount of solar energy during the winter months, a solar chimney to provide ventilation for the entire structure with minimum energy usage, recovery of waste heat, narrow floor plates with high ceilings and extensive use of glass to allow for natural lighting, and a geothermal system consisting of 280 wells, each 122 meters deep, for heating and cooling.

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Post Occupant Evaluation Expert Added to iiSBE Canada Team

May 14, 2012 at 8:49 a.m.

The iiSBE Canada team preparing for the 2014 Sustainable Building Challenge (SB14) has added to Rosie Hyde, a Vancouver-based engineering consultant who is one of Canada’s leading experts in building performance evaluations.

Ms. Hyde had a leading role in developing the draft Building Performance Evaluation (BPE) Protocol for the EcoSmart Foundation, a non-profit corporation whose missions is to advance technologies and practices that are ecologically and economically smart. After completion of a pilot that involved use of the protocol on six office buildings in the Lower Mainland of British Columbia, a streamlined version has been made publically available.

For SB14, iiSBE Canada will focus on assessing the actual performance of leading examples of green buildings in Canada. This is a departure from previous Sustainable Building Challenges that assessed projects based on their projected energy and environmental performance.

To learn more about the EcoSmart’s BPE Protocol, see

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iiSBE Canada Featured Pro... Manitoba Hydro’s head office in Downtown Winnipeg, one of two projects presented by iiSBE Canada at the 2008 Su...