iiSBE Canada Members

Team Captain            Secretary Treasurer            iiSBE Executive Director
Gord Shymko                    Bob Bach                                        Nils Larsson

Craig Boyle
Jim Clark
Teresa Coady
Doug Corbett
John Crace
Jackie Evans
Mark Gorgolewski
Rosamund Hyde
Christopher Jones
Ken Klassen
Shauna Mallory-Hill
Stephen Pope
Jiri Skopek
Doug Webber

 In memory of Jean Francois Lepage
The iiSBE Canada Team lost one of its most passionate members with the passing of Jean Francois Lepage
on February 5, 2016 after a lengthy illness. JF was not only a long-standing member, he was also a friend
and respected colleague. His knowledge, insight and willingness to challenge the status quo
will continue to inspire our work.  

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